HLF “All Our Stories” Project

In October 2012 Tilty Archaeology & Local History Group was awarded a Heritage Lottery Fund grant as part of their ‘All Our Stories’ A.T.S. Helmetprogramme.  This small grant programme (for amounts from £3,000-£10,000) was designed to help local communities find out about their local heritage and share it with others.

The period selected for our project was the Second World War, and involved finding out about the experiences of people in Tilty and the surrounding villages – including Duton Hill, Great Easton and Little Easton.  The aim was to communicate and commemorate the wartime experiences of ordinary people during extraordinary times, and we have collected and collated a diverse range of stories, together with associated photographs, documents and other artefacts.

This material is being made available to a wider audience via this website, and there have also been talks and other events during the year, including the ‘Special Event’ at The Barn Theatre on 19th October 2013.

We would like to thank everyone who has already contributed to this project; your stories are fascinating and we are extremely grateful to you all for sharing your experiences and your materials with us.  Work is on-going in publishing the material on the website, and we are interested in continuing to add more to it.  So, if you haven’t  been in touch yet, to share your stories with us, but have – or know somebody who has – memories of the period that could form part of this project and its archive, then do please get in touch.

We would also like to point out that the photographs and other materials have been provided by our contributors in good faith.  We have made every effort to ensure that copyright regulations have been followed, and that necessary permissions are in place, but if we receive any valid complaints from an original copyright holder who would like to see their material removed, we will of course see that it is removed immediately.  On the other hand, if you have any more information to provide – particularly with regard to the photographs – so that we can add more detail to the captions, then please also get in touch.

You are welcome to use any of the material on the website, including the textual elements, for educational, recreational or other non-commercial purposes, but not for any commercial gain.  If you do use anything, an acknowledgement and link to the site would be appreciated.

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