2017 Events

Pillbox Walk – October 15th 2017

Alf Wright led a group of us on another pillbox walk in October.  This one took in the pillboxes between Duton Hill and Great Easton, with a loop back through Tilty via the Abbey Field path.  As with the previous walk, the route included pillboxes which we either had permission to view, or which were accessible from public footpaths. 

The weather was good for the time of year, and there was a good turnout for the walk.  We started at The Three Horseshoes, walked across the fields to the Chelmer, then followed the course of the river along to Great Easton. 

Maps – and more photographs – can be seen below, and Alf’s report about pillboxes can be found on the website here:


Next year we are planning on doing a third walk, to take in the pillboxes in Broxted and Chickney – details will be in the 2018 programme, when finalised.

For those of you interested in finding out more about pillboxes elsewhere in Essex, this website may be of interest:



Map 1 - Little Easton to Chickney

Maps showing approximate locations of local pillboxes

Map 2 - Great Easton and Tilty

Last updated 21st November 2017